Vegetarian main dishes


279.00 Kč

Seasonal pumpkin and rajma cooked in rich coconut milk sauce

Dal Makhani

269.00 Kč

Black dhal (lentils) cooked in fresh tomatoe – onion sauce

Baigon Barta 🌶️

265.00 Kč

Eggplant baked in tandoor, cooked with onions, tomatoe, ginger, garlic and cumin seeds

Paneer Jalfraise 🌶️🌶️

295.00 Kč

Homemade cheese with capsicum and coriander in mild-spiced tomato-onion sauce

Butter Paneer

289.00 Kč

Homemade cheese simmered in tangy tomatoe-cashew-fenugreek sauce with butter and cream