What is a curry?

Curry is a dish that comes directly from the Indian subcontinent. Various combinations of herbs and spices are used in their preparation, such as ground turmeric, cumin, coriander or ginger. And also chili.

There are many types of dishes called curries. Recipes for preparation vary by region or by family tradition.

Our vegetable curries are full of fresh vegetables, traditional spices, herbs, ginger and sometimes nuts. Exactly as befits an original idic curry.

Vegetarian curry

Dal Makhani

165 Kč

Black lentils cooked in a fresh tomato sauce with fenugreek leaves, cashew nut paste and cream

7,8,12 150g / mild

Vegetarian Curry

159 Kč

Mixed vegetable in slightly mild sauce served with coriander and ginger

7,8,12 150g / medium

Aloo Gobi

149 Kč

Boiled potatoes and cauliflower cooked with tomato sauce, cumin and mustard

7,8,12 150g / mild

Bhindi Bhajee

179 Kč

Fried okra mixed with chopped onion and tomato cooked in fry pan with indian spices

7,8,12 150g / mild

Baigon Barta

165 Kč

Eggplant baked in tandoor, cooked with onions, tomatoe, ginger, garlic and fennel seeds

7,8,12 150g / mild to medium

Rajma Masala

160 Kč

Red kidney beans in onion/tomatoe sauce

7,8,10,12 150g / mild to medium

Chana Masala

155 Kč

Chickpeas in an onion based gravy 7,8,12 150g / mild to medium

Mutter Mushroom Masala

175 Kč

Green peas and mushroom in an onion based gravy

7,8,10,12 150g / mild to medium