What is a tandoor?

Tandoor is a special furnace in the shape of a large cylindrical vessel. This kiln has been part of West Asian culture for thousands of years.

The air temperature in the tandoor oven reaches up to 480 ° C. The dishes in this oven are prepared either directly on the inner walls or hung in the oven space. For example, stuffed on a spit.

Dishes prepared in this way are ready much earlier than conventional baking. Thanks to this, the ingredients retain their quality, the meat does not dry out and is deliciously juicy.

Tandoor dishes

Mix Grill

380 Kč

Combination of tandoori chicken, malai tikka, chicken tikka,seekh. kebab and lamb boti kebab

2 persons – 450g 1,3,7,8,10,12 / medium

Lamb Seekh Kebab

265 Kč

Lamb minced and rolled into a skewer, added with chopped capsicum, roasted in tandoor

200 g 7,3,8,10,12 / medium

Tandoori prawns

295 Kč

Tiger Prawn marinated in yoghurt, mustard oil and indian spices cooked in tandoori oven

(5pcs) 2,7,10,12 / medium

Chicken Tikkader

230 Kč

Grilled chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt with peppers and tomatoes

250g 7,8,10,12

Chicken tandoori

220 Kč

Legs marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and roasted in tandoor

250g 7,5,1,10 / medium