What is a chutneys?

Chutney is a supplement to the main course, which should perfectly complement it with its varied tastes. Chutneys are types of thick sauces from various ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, the taste of which is supported by various types of spices, seeds or, for example, mint.

Achar and chutneys

Mint chutney

35 Kč

Mix of mint leaves with yoghurt, cumin and coriander seeds


Mix Pickle

30 Kč

Mix of mango, pickle and green chillies with indian herbs 1,10,12

Mango chutney

30 Kč

A thick sauce made from unripe mango with fennel seeds, sugar and ginger


Tamarind chutney

40 Kč

Tamarind pulp cooked with fennel seeds, salt and dry ginger 1,12,8